Fans can this year show their appreciation for the stars of the Classic TT Races, as the Official Prize Presentation moves to the TT Fan Park. Set to be a popular addition to the off-track entertainment schedule, the presentations will give fans the opportunity to get closer than ever before to their heroes as they celebrate their respective achievements.


As well as the awarding of this year’s race winners with their Classic TT Trophies, the prize presentations will see the awarding of the famous silver and bronze replicas - as well as an award for each and every finisher. There’s also a number of special awards unique to the Classic TT Races, including the Classic TT Concours Award and the Spirit of the Classic TT Award – all of which make up a fascinating and entertaining evening.

The Prize Presentation is scheduled for the evening of Bank Holiday Monday 31st August, with the first awards shortly following the conclusion of racing and the opening of the TT Course. With Michelle and Iraina of The Smoking Guns ready to take over and deliver one of their retro-infused DJ sets, fans also get to party with the paddock and bring the curtain down on Classic TT 2020 in perfect style.